We offer a warm welcome to all our clients, old and new.

Our center specialises in Chinese medicine and in particular, massage and acupuncture therapies.

We are a core of four practitioners, each trained in some or all aspects of Chinese traditional medicine.

Between us, we have over half a century of experience in the field.

Conditions that we treat include; infertility, dermatology, gynaecology, mental health, back pain, mobility issues, arthritis, strokes, stress and anxiety, sciatica, digestive issues and more besides.

We can offer tailor made solutions and treatments for your individual health needs. We also offer beauty and skin treatments.

Our trained beauty therapist is Mai Li. She utilises a range of techniques derived from Chinese herbal medicine and massage to drain the lymphatic glands and help expel toxins from the facial area.

These treatments are especially beneficial for treating dark circles, puffy eyes and other areas of the face which might be prone to swelling.

She can also help with issues such as acne and relaxation of the facial muscles.

Our trained acupuncturist can also offer a specially tailored facial acupuncture session – which is not as scary as it sounds!

Our acupuncturists are all qualified and licensed to practise and can treat severe and chronic cases such as sciatica, back pain, bowel problems and other uncomfortable conditions.

Many of our clients have lowered their doses of prescription painkillers as a result of our acupuncture treatments. Some have stopped taking painkillers altogether. Acupuncture is now being recognised as a crucial treatment in the fight against chronic pain, but also as a way of preventing dependency on opioid painkillers.

If you think you would benefit from acupuncture, please consult your physician before stopping any treatment.

We also offer Chinese traditional massage as well as more well known Swedish massage and deep tissue treatments.

For a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, book with one of our qualified practitioners today for a consultation!